Amba Seshat wanted to create an accessible yoga brand. Encouraging both men and women, all ages, all disabilities and all levels to join her practice.

Sounds cliché. But she's backed up her vision by putting serious thought into her brands appearance, making it feel approachable - not exclusive. I worked with her to design a brand strategy that focuses on the art of yoga, not her as an individual. Using illustration as a means of explaining poses, breathing exercises and meditation methods.  

Making it less about her, more about you. 

Technical breakdown

I have distorted the figures proportions to avoid comparisons to viewers own body capabilities. Whilst still maintaining technical accuracy in the pose. 

I used angular lines to represent where the muscles should be engaged, and curves shapes to show when the body is relaxed. 



It was important my client could update her social posts on a regular basis. 

With that in mind, I created a brand package of assets and guidelines for her to use. This included fonts, brand colours, social templates and illustrations. With this, she was able to create her own artwork for IG posts, IG stories and youtube.