Before I could talk, I could draw. 

It was a form of communication for me. I drew endless garden designs in the hope of persuading my parents that a swimming pool could easily fit on the lawn. And how the apple tree would look far better with a treehouse in it, trust me.

Growing up in school I was fascinated by brands. Why did my best friend's PE kit look so much cooler in a Jane Norman bag, than mine did in a Primark one? Why was it so important to own a Jack Wills hoodie? And lord forgive you if you wore G.A.P.

Currently employed as a Graphic Designer for fashion startup AWAYTOMARS, I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to further feed my passion for branding, marketing and social communications. 


My Skill-set

Adobe Suite Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign / Lightroom 

Online platforms Shopify / Mailchimp / Facebook (ads) / Instagram / Twitter / Medium

Designing commercial spaces for shops / exhibitions / events

Graphic Design for both print and digital outputs

Photography setting up my own shoots and assisting on others

Re-touching imagery for e-commerce and lookbooks

Illustration / Fine Art skillset and experience with drawing on tablets

Branding logos and brand guidelines

Social Media content plans and implemention

Website layout design and producing web ready imagery

Fast ideas generator can handle multiple projects at once